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Novice Parents Face Up To Six Years Of Sleep Deprivation(II)
about 3 years ago

Journal Sleep saying

The study, published in the Journal Sleep, looked at data collected by German adults who conducted face-to-face interviews every year between 2008 and 15 years. seamless steel pipe schedule 80 Participants were asked to rate their sleep quality from 0 to 10, and were asked how many hours of sleep they had on normal working days and weekends.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the team found that women’s sleep satisfaction declined in the first year of life, with the first child's average sleep satisfaction declining by 1.7 percentage points compared with that before the first pregnancy, and the second and third children's sleep satisfaction declining by more than 1 percentage point.


In the year after birth, mothers’ sleep time, whether for the first or subsequent child, was also reduced by about 40 minutes compared with that before pregnancy.


A more in-depth analysis of the data shows that the first three months after the birth of the first child are particularly heartbreaking: women lose more than an hour of sleep than before pregnancy.


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