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The Protection of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritages
over 3 years ago

Tangible culture heritage

Conservation programme

Do well in the development and implementation of cultural relics research and immovable cultural relics protection planning. Strengthen the investigation and research of cultural relics resources, registering and filing according to law. On the basis of earnestly understanding the base,astm a312 pipe we will classify and develop cultural relics protection plans and conscientiously organize and implement them. The cultural relics administrative department of the State Council shall make overall arrangements for the preparation of the World Cultural Heritage and the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit Protection Plan, and the provincial people's government shall organize the organization and report it to the State Council's cultural relics administrative department for examination and approval. The cultural relics administrative department of the State Council shall follow up and monitor the implementation of the plan and check and implement it. It is necessary to delineate the scope of protection and construction control zones of cultural relics protection units in a timely manner, establish necessary protection and management institutions, clarify the main body of protection responsibility, and establish and improve a protection and management system. Other immovable cultural relics shall also formulate protection plans and implement protection measures in accordance with the provisions of the Cultural Relics Protection Law. Resolutely avoid and correct the excessive exploitation and utilization of cultural heritage, especially the illegal acts of using cultural relics as disguised as business assets.

Improve and complete the protection of cultural relics in major construction projects. Strictly implement the approval and filing system for major construction projects. All capital construction projects involving cultural relics protection items must be consulted by the cultural relics administrative department before the project approval, and can be implemented after necessary archaeological exploration, excavation and implementation of cultural relic protection measures. Archaeological excavations in capital construction projects should fully consider the actual needs of cultural relics protection work, strengthen unified management, and implement the responsibility for examination, approval and supervision.

Major project

Do well in the maintenance of key cultural relics. We will make overall plans and pool funds, implement a number of key projects for the protection of cultural relics, eliminate major cultural relics, and strengthen the protection of important and endangered cultural relics. The implementation of protection projects must ensure the authenticity of cultural relics, and it is absolutely forbidden to use fake cultural relics to create fake antiques. It is necessary to impose strict restrictions on the "reconstruction" of cultural relics, and to apply limited manpower and material resources to the protection of important cultural relics, especially major and dangerous cultural relics. Strict project management, implement the qualification system for cultural relics protection engineering team, improve the management system for employees, establish and improve various technical specifications for cultural relics protection, and ensure the quality of the project.

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