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What will the real estate investors do in 2019?
over 3 years ago

A total of 42% of respondents plan to purchase investment properties this year, and they show confidence in real estate as a long-term investment. This ratio has decreased significantly over the past two years. In the survey last year and the previous year, the proportion of plans to buy investment houses in the next year was 52%. 19% of respondents plan to buy homes in 2019. This is down from last year, but still higher than the previous year. The proportion of planned purchases from housing last year and the previous year’s survey were 23% and 14% respectively. Twenty-four percent of respondents this year plan to seek advice from real estate strategists or consultants, but 30% of respondents do not seek advice. This is a worrying issue. Although there is a lot of free research materials and information available, black carbon steel pipe one thing you can't get through the Internet is the understanding through years of practical experience.


Investors' confidence in short-term capital growth is not as good as last year. A total of 84% of respondents believe that the value of this year's property is down (64%) or flat (20%). Last year, 64% believed that house prices would remain unchanged or increase by less than 5% in the following year. Almost half (48%) of respondents said that stricter lending standards are affecting their ability to buy another property, which is slightly higher than last year (46%). Brisbane is considered to be the most likely to achieve strong capital growth in the capital city in the next five years, followed by Melbourne.

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