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complete machine with thread rolling plates
over 1 year ago

Complete machine with thread rolling plates, length quit and maintenance accessories, with no transport. 2015 - Sales and technical service point of three die pipe thread rolling machine in Spain. First column kind HK120 GOVAMA thread Rolling machine has been created and made, shipped to the client.


This machine is appropriate for rolling stainless steel valve stems up to Ø two mm with acme thread. Our three die cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine which produces 21 tons of rolling force, you can form up to 5 mm pitch screws, knurls and splines in a shorter time than machining.


2016 - Hot forming of special fastener, employed in tunnel and mining industry, with high thread depth and large pitch size has been rolled by specially made three die thread Rolling machine this item has been formed with our thread Rolling machine, at 1st time in Globe.


Sector Top ROLLING SEWING MACHINE CASE - The Deluxe Rolling Sewing Machine Case by Almost everything Mary is the ideal in its class. Our Deluxe Sewing Machine Case functions many storage spaces with a roomy compartment for your Singer, Brother, or other sewing machine. Our tote attributes two powerful reinforced carrying handles along with dual wheels and an interlocking telescoping handle for easy rolling. Produced with higher quality 75D polyester, high quality and security is guaranteed.


A exclusive character of a handloom fabric is the irregularities or variations present in the weaving which are inherent to the solution and which adds to its uniqueness and worth and ought to not be deemed as a flaw. Handlooms can give a modern day or conventional item for every strata of society. It projects a special image of sustainability as it is biodegradable and the production process is atmosphere friendly. The sector gives employment opportunities to lakhs of workers and their households accounting for 12% of the total cloth developed in the country.

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